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Lymphaselect®萃取自黃香草木樨Melilotus officinalis。黃香草木樨自遠古以來就被用於治療炎症、潰瘍和腫脹,稍後到15至19世紀,許多中西醫用這種植物與類似用途,並用於消化、利尿、祛痰、眼睛發炎、痔瘡、靜脈炎、靜脈曲張、潰瘍,以及減輕各種原因引起的疼痛。Lymphaselect®從黃香草木樨乾花提取出來,其主要活性成分香豆素達到標準化17-20%。





  • 可刺激淋巴管從而增加淋巴液流量,也作用在胸導管的淋巴流量

  • 刺激巨噬細胞,提高巨噬細胞的吞噬和分解蛋白質的功能

  • 抗發炎和抗水腫活性,改善病症如高嶺土誘導性關節炎、熱水腫、淋巴滯留性水腫,及高蛋白性水腫等

  • 改善靜脈和淋巴循環,有效治療慢性靜脈功能不全、靜脈曲張、血栓性靜脈炎、痔瘡、下肢淋巴性水腫,以及乳腺痛相關的淋巴水腫等

  • 促進血液循環,增加組織和器官的毛細血管血流,如心肌和橫紋肌,並且可以保護心肌缺血引起的組織損傷


  • 1158 名靜脈曲張、250 名血栓性靜脈炎患者30 天改善主要症狀,減輕潰瘍水腫疼痛 Klein L. Phlebopathy treatment with Melilotus extract. Pren. Med. Argent. 1967;54:1191-3.

  • 25名靜脈功能不全的孕婦20天改善主觀症狀 Leng J.J., et al., Treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy and in the postpartum. Clinical experimentation of Esberiven. Bordeaux med. 1974;7:2755-6 

  • 50名痔瘡患者10-28天改善主觀症狀,減少肛門痔瘡、水腫 Mot J.C (1976). New therapeutic contribution in proctology: esberiven. Med. Chir. Dig. 1976; 5(7): 375-7.

  • 30名慢性靜脈功能不全、靜脈曲張患者10-20天改善主觀症狀,減少水腫 Babilliot J (1977). Essay of Esberiven in Pathology of the Circulatory System of Return. Phlébologie 1977; 30 (2): 209-12.

  • 385名慢性靜脈功能不全患者45天改善主觀症狀,減輕水腫潰瘍 Babilliot J (1980). Contribution to the treatment of venous insufficiency by Esberiven. Multicenter study on 385 cases. Gaz. méd. fr., 1980, 87 : 3242-6.

  • 20名乳腺痛患者每月治療10天,2個月改善症狀,減輕乳房水腫 Giraud D. Trial of phlebo-lymphologic therapeutics in the treatment of mastodynia. Rev. Fr. Gynecol. Obstet. 1984; 79 (3): 229-32

  • 55位慢性靜脈功能不全患者15天減輕水腫,改善主觀症狀 Stefanini L., et al., Pharmacologic treatment and/or balneotherapy of chronic venous insufficiency. Gazz. Med. Ital. - Arch. Sci. Med. 1996; 155: 179-85.

  • 76位淋巴性水腫患者6-8個月改善主觀症狀,減輕水腫 Vettorello G. et al., Contribution of a combination of alpha and beta benzopyrones, flavonoids and natural terpenes in the treatment of lymphedema of the lower limbs at the 2d stage of the surgical classification. Minerva Cardioangiol. 1996; 44(9): 447-55.

  • 50名乳腺痛患者2個月減輕乳房水腫,改善功能性症狀 Mazzocchi B., et al., Treatment of cyclic and non-cyclic mastalgia using Melilotus officinalis extracts, in a group of women submitted to breast examination. Gazz Med Ital – Arch Sci Med 1997; 156: 221-4


Lymphaselect®是米蘭公司Indena S.P.A.的註冊商標





​* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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